A Psychotherapist's Dirty Little Secret


A mashup of psychology & gardening, playfully & intelligently. 

With her affection for gardens and her day-job, The Tipsy Tomato harvests garden-psych mashupswebinars, and FB posts with you and other garden-lovers. Because, in the garden of life, what we long for most is not found on the back of a seed packet.



Garden Party Webinars

By the end of each webinar, you’ll feel like someone flung open shuddered windows, inviting cool refreshing air into a room that so many others would rather keep shut.


The MashUPS

The Tipsy Tomato puts psychotherapy playfully & intelligently into short, perky garden essays



The Tipsy Tomato is the "secret" life of Terry Ann Klee, a psychotherapist educated at Columbia University, who finds life best in gardens.

tumbles, the gardencat

Tumbles is the indoor kitty who loves his outdoor (a' la fenced-in) veggie patch. ShhhInstagram is all him. Why not?