A Psychotherapist's Dirty Little Secret:

Life's lessons, right in the garden.

A mashup of psychology and gardening, playfully & intelligently. 

With her affection for gardens and her day-job, The Tipsy Tomato harvests garden essaystweets, and FB posts with you and other garden-lovers. 



The Tipsy Tomato is the "secret" life of Terry Ann Klee, a psychotherapist educated at Columbia University, who finds life at its best in gardens. She loves stilettos & stemware as much as her mud boots and shovels. So, yeah, she's tipsy. But, she's smart.

The Mash-ups

The Tipsy Tomato puts psychotherapy playfully & intelligently into garden metaphors. Tumbles the Garden Cat shows up a lot, along with garden cocktails, too. Why? Because, in the garden of life, what we long for is not found on the back of a seed packet. 

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Write her

We probably can't mosey into each other's real gardens, but we can connect here like two buddies chit chatting on a sunny bench. So, it's a rainy day? Write The Tipsy Tomato. It's why she's here, to connect & share, to lighten your day.