Curbside Dirt & Humans like Ron Finley

If a curbside patch of compacted dead dirt can be brought to life, just think what might occur if you were to try out your own capacity little by little.

Humans like Ron Finley work from the inside outwardly, not the other way around. Plainly put: it's about where you believe control and agency reside?  Is it inside you?  Or, do you mostly believe that those around you, including your conditions, have the control and power over you?

Humans like Ron Finley set out and try. They're curious about what they can do, more than what the world can do for (or to) them. They start out small. They just plain start.

The Tipsy Tomato blog is only a lighthearted gesture, just a small start. Ron Finley, no longer small, is gangsta gardening and it's serious. He's reaching many in need. It's why I'm directing our attention to him. He says a lot of cool things, like we gotta make this sexy, and gardening is like printing your own money, and...

“Gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant act you can do...Plus, you get strawberries.” 

Humans like Ron Finley encourage us to get out of our cushy chairs, his words. When we do, we find out that we actually can grow in our patches of curbside dead dirt.